I rely on two characteristics of art to inform my work: as a means to inform on ideas that matter, and art’s universality.  The joy of expressing myself with colour is what inspired me to become a painter.  I work upon different media: sculpture, ceramic, paper and canvas.  I have used embroidery, stamps, henna stenciling, post cards, shells and stones in much of my recent work.  I like to add fragments to the canvas as they help personalise the spiritual feeling of my use of colour.  I also work from a small kayak, surrounded by mangroves and the sights, sounds, smells all connecting me to my work.  Back on land it is classical music that keeps me focused on my work.  But I move around a lot, and my studio can be out on the mountains just as often as at home or in the mangroves.  

As a thematic artist my work moves across the subjects of life and death, freedom, humanity and nature, influenced by poetry as well as elements of mythology and philosophy.  

Moving from one project to an entirely different one is an exciting challenge.  However, once my work on the idea becomes tangible the project quickly grabs a life of its own, moving me along in its wake.  Emotions have played an important role in the production of all my art work.  




Mangroves from the Water


Painting from a kayak in ‘Mangroves from the Water’ is an opportunity to express the delicate balance between nature and human progress. Mangroves provide great rejuvenating energy as they are nurseries of many hidden lives: fishlings, birds, turtles, colourful crabs and more. Yet just over the fringe of the tree cover is the bustle of the encroaching urban life.  I have found the mangroves a source of power, beauty, energy and simplicity. 

The production process has required many kayaking trips to the mangroves. I have used water colours and different types of paper.  I play with the form, lines, colour and textures to create the effects of natural energy, playfulness, softness and depth. Emotions have also played an important role in the production of this series; the process of painting is itself a kind of meditation.